The Nuc is made up of several active Members of Marin Beekeepers and acts as a sort of board of directors or steering committee. Those on the Nuc are members who have taken on specific duties for running the Club i.e., Speaker Coordination, Workshop Coordination, Information Tech (webmaster), Newsletter, Membership Roster Management, Housing Club Equipment, County Fair Coordination, Farm Day, Collecting Club Stats, etc.

Generally we keep in touch by e-mail to coordinate speakers, answer questions about the Club, set policy, approve expenditures and try to keep the Club running in the right direction. We attempt to maintain the minimum structure necessary to accomplish this responsibility. We also meet a few times a year to discuss issues coming before the Club.

The Club has no officers (other than Mary Nordquist, our Treasurer and long time keeper of the funds). Other than the Nuc there is no formal structure to the Club and we continue to grow and prosper as a community of individuals with an interest in the world’s most studied and fascinating insect, the honeybee, and the other related pollinators. We rely heavily on members to volunteer to take on various duties. Thanks to all of you who step forward when needed.

Karen Hyde: — Club Meeting Refreshments

Richard Hyde: — Workshop Coordinator

Steve Lamb: — Farm Day Coordinator

Bonnie Morse: — Speaker Coordination, Survivor Stock

Gary Morse: — Survivor Stock

Mary Nordquist: — Club Treasurer

Neil Nordquist: — Equipment Coordination

David Peterson: — Membership Coordinator, ListServ Management, Equipment Coordination

Dan Stralka: — Annual Marin County Fair Coordinator

Rob Tysinger: — Newsletter Creator & Editor, Equipment Coordination

Marina Wright: — Librarian