Annual Potluck – 2016

Join us Saturday, August 6 at 6:00pm for the annual beekeeping club potluck. Neil and Mary Nordquist will generously host at their home in Novato.  Watch the BUZZ for the address & driving directions/parking information.  Mary advises that it can get cool in the evenings, even in Novato in August!

Please review the current potluck “committed items” (shown in the table below) and then complete the provided form for your potluck RSVP, found here.

Please try to keep the menu in balance (i.e. let’s not all bring salads!).

Water will be provided. Otherwise, bring your own beverage for your party and/or to share with the group. Alcohol is allowed.

Also bring serving ware for your party AND for the food item you are contributing (i.e. plates, utensils, napkins & cups). Please remember that this is a GREEN “ZERO WASTE” EVENT. All items should be brought in a reusable or recyclable/compostable container.  Please plan on taking your recyclables/compostables/garbage with when you leave the event.

Name Committed Item Meal Category
Roy and Julie Crumrine Green salad with feta cheese and walnuts and dried cranberries Green Salad
Kitty Baker Mixed green salad Green Salad
Volker Ackermann mead & beer Beverages to share
Bill papendick egg dish Grain Salad (e.g. pasta, potato, quinoa, orzo)
Andrew Hibben vegetable quiche (vegetarian, but not vegan – contains butter, eggs, cream & cheese) Main Dish
robert Lee May pork loin medallions with mango chutney Main Dish
Antonia Lawson Rhubarb strawberry plum bee cakes Dessert
Steve and Mary Lamb lasagna with meat Main Dish
Rob and Karen Tysinger Shrimp and Papaya with dipping sauce Appetizer
Stephanie Freed cream-cheese stuffed bell peppers Other Side
Dan Stralka Meads and cider Beverages to share
Charlie Kennard fruit pie Dessert
cecilia lannon poached chicken breasts with pesto Main Dish
Kitty Baker Mixed green salad Green Salad
Susan Kegley Salmon-veggie salad Main Dish
Bonnie & Gary Morse Potstickers Appetizer
Tuppy Lawson Rhubarb cake Dessert
Marina Wright Deviled Eggs Other Side
Anna Taylor cookies Dessert