2012-13 Speakers

Club meetings are on the first Thursday of each month at 7:30pm.  Meetings are held at the Legion Log Cabin in San  Anselmo, CA (101 Veterans Blvd.)

The line-up for the next beekeeping club season is as follows:

September 6: Alan Hawkins.  Alan keeps bees in several areas in California, including the Green Gulch Zen Center on Mt. Tam.  His discussion will include beekeeping strategies for particular micro-climates.

October 4:  Kate Frey. Kate is a world class garden designer and consultant, specializing in sustainable, bio-diverse, ecological gardens and landscaping, including the Melissa Garden bee sanctuary in Healdsburg.  Kate will present her “pollinator garden slideshow.”

November 1: Bonnie Bollengier & Gary Morse.  Our own club members and owners of “Bonnie Bee & Company” will discuss the first club order of nucs with Marin queens & future plans to develop local stock.

December 6: John Miller & Hannah Nordhaus.  Touted as “a revelatory, bittersweet investigation into the state of commercial beekeeping in the 21st century,” this duo will talk about “The Beekeepers Lament,” written by Ms. Nordhaus about John Miller (commercial beekeeper).  Mr. Miller is widely known for his charisma as a speaker — this is one not to be missed! Meeting Video

January 3: Steve Sheppard. Dr. Sheppard is  Department Chair of Entomology at Washington State University.  His area of interest is population genetics & evolution of honey bees, insect introductions & mechanisms of genetic differentiation. Meeting Video

February 7: Kirk Visscher. Dr. Visscher is an associate professor of entomology at UC Riverside.  his research interests include the social behavior and ecology of social insects with emphasist on honey bees, which occupy a special place among the social insects because they are among the most behaviorally complex, the most amenable for study, and of the greatest benefit to man.

March 7: Kirk Webster.  Kirk Webster is a master natural Queen Breeder living near Middlebury, VT. His queens are selected for VSH (Varroa Selective Hygiene).  On Saturday, March 9, Kirk will lead 2 workshops, a beginning morning session and an afternoon intermediate/advanced session. Click here to register for these valuable workshops.

April 4: Heather Mattila. Heather Mattila is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Biological Sciences at Wellesley College.  Professor Mattila’s research focuses on the role that intracolonial (within-colony) genetic diversity plays in the organization of communication and division of labor in honey bee colonies.

May 2: Dr. Eric Mussen. We are fortunate to have Dr. Mussen as an annual speaker in our series.  Dr. Mussen is the UC Davis Extension Apiculturist, with a specialty in Apiculture, managing honey bees and wild bees for maximum field production, while minimizing pesticide damage to pollinator population. His presentations are always valuable and informative.

June 6Dr. Wyatt Mangum.  Dr. Mangum is an internationally recognized top bar beekeeper, author of Top-Bar Hive Beekeeping:  Wisdom and Pleasure Combined and a monthly columnist for the American Bee Journal on Honey Bee Biology.  Click on the book title link if you wish to purchase his book in advance of the meeting.